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Ervaringwijzer is a web application commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht and the VNG that allows municipalities and healthcare providers to conduct client experience surveys in a new way. Municipalities and healthcare providers can create short digital questionnaires for clients within the dashboard and send them out to view the results in real time. It was up to me to design the second version of Ervaringwijzer.


Creative direction
UI/UX design
Motion design

From A to Z

From the moment Ervaringwijzer decided to develop a second version, I started as their designer. I got to to pick up the full Ervaringwijzer identity from the beginning to the end. We started by developing a brand identity, after that we developed the full admin dashboard with the client request, followed by creating the marketing website.

Client experience in a new way

Ervaringwijzer is developed to retrieve client experiences in a new way. No longer through the traditional paper method, but through an online tool. Users are given a dashboard in which questionnaires can be made quickly and results can be viewed right after they were sent out and filled in.

Clients can fill in the questionnaire by means of an intuitive and user-friendly tool. This questionnaire consists of four types of questions: smiley, open, closed and multiple choice questions.

To top it off

A new version of Ervaringwijzer also means a new website. A website to attract new customers and to inform existing customers about the new functionalities. We wanted to create a learning community derived from the one on the dashboard, on the website as well. Hence, we included a blog where guest bloggers share their experiences on optimizing a client survey.

Continue to grow

The new version of Ervaringwijzer is currently being built. The first new functionalities will be rolled out mid-2020. From that period onwards we will continue to optimize the functionalities of the new version.

“Thinking ahead is a great start, his designs are the fine end.”

Ward van der Velden

CEO at Ervaringwijzer


Development tool: Weave
Development website: Thom Wensink

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