Insights in client's experiences

Ervaringwijzer is a web application developed for municipalities and healthcare providers. It allows them to retrieve client experience surveys in a new way by creating short digital questionnaires within the dashboard and receiving real-time results.

At the beginning of the development of the second version of Ervaringwijzer, I was asked to take on the responsibility for the visual identity and design of the platform and website.


Creative direction


UI/UX design

Motion design

From A to Z

I got to pick up the full Ervaringwijzer experience from the beginning to the end. I started by creating a brand identity. After that, I designed the dashboard with the questionnaire editor and created the marketing website.

Quickly create a questionnaire

After finalizing the brand identity, I focused on the core of the application: the ability to easily create questionnaires. To create a questionnaire, you can start from scratch or use one of the many templates in the library. You can easily customize the questionnaire in the editor with predefined question types. Finally, you can preview the questionnaire and ultimately publish it for use.

Administer the questionnaire

Once you are satisfied with the questionnaire, you can administer it in a way that is appropriate for your target audience. After administering the questionnaire, the results will be received in real-time in your dashboard.

I created the website to showcase the product to the target audience of municipalities and healthcare institutions. It includes a video that explains the product and its features in detail.

"Thinking ahead is a great start, his designs are the fine end."

Ward van der Velden

CEO at Ervaringwijzer