Selling and buying your house transparently is shaking up the real estate market. No tricks, just honest transactions. No information advantage, just transparency. A platform for the consumer, not the real estate agent. is digitalizing the buying and selling process from start to finish to create a fair real estate market.

After extensive market research and validation of the concept, I was asked in 2020 to digitize the entire buying and selling process.


Creative direction

UI/UX design

Visual design

Motion design

The buying and selling process from start to finish

The current role of the real estate agent is outdated, and change is desperately needed. That's why we have digitized all processes. As a seller and buyer, you have control over all the processes you need to succeed in the housing market: from scheduling viewings to transparent bidding. These activities can be managed within your personal dashboard.

Complete control over the process

As a seller, you can fully monitor the progress of your home's sale in your dashboard, from the initial appraisal to the final transfer at the notary. For buyers, this dashboard allows you to keep track of your bid status, and you will be notified of any changes, enabling you to take immediate action.

A seller always has control and authority over the sale of their house. Therefore, every step must be manageable. The actions taken by the seller impact the buyer’s dashboard. In the design process, the flows for both seller and buyer with a freemium or premium package have been worked out from A to Z and extensively tested.

"Rick is as a digital designer closely involved in realizing the renewed real estate company concept Rick thinks out-of-the-box and has a no-nonsense mentality."

Maurits Grosfeld

Founder of