Experience the freedom of car sharing

MobyOne is working on its mission to turn every vehicle into a shared vehicle. Because the rollout of a good shared mobility concept requires a significant investment, good concepts often stick to a nice idea rather than being put into work. That is why MobyOne arranges everything: from app to community management.

I was responsible for designing the app and dashboard for managing reservations and float.


Creative direction

UI/UX design

Visual design

Drive away as fast as you can

For the user to experience the freedom of car sharing, the flow from finding a car to driving away with it must be set up in a way that is quick and effortless. Technology (shout-out to Weave) plays an essential part in this process. Design-wise, countless flows have been tested to achieve the most trouble-free flow.

To be used for different white-labels

The design is created for it to be of easy use for different white labels. The fundamental design is there, just the color, logo, and pinpoints on the map are to be adjusted.

Managing reservations and float

Vehicles and reservations can be managed in the dashboard. Community managers can easily view ongoing reservations, manage vehicles remotely, distribute and redeem credit and coupon codes, and handle potential damages.

"Thanks to Rick's user-friendly design, we changed from a simple start-up to a serious player in the shared mobility market. Our calls to the 24/7 help desk have now decreased by 30 percent."

Dave Reid

Product owner at MobyOne