Experience the freedom of car sharing

MobyOne is working on their mission to turn every vehicle into a shared vehicle. Because the rollout of a good shared mobility concept requires a significant investment for the software and an operations team, good concepts often stick to a nice idea rather than being put in to work. That is why MobyOne arranges everything: from app to community management. Their wish was to design an app that can be used for various white-labels. It was my job to design this.


Creative direction
UI/UX design
Motion design

Drive away as fast as you can

In order for the user to experience the freedom of car sharing, it is important that the flow from finding a car to driving away with it should be set up in a way that it is quick and effortless. Technology (shout-out to Weave) plays an important part in this process. Design-wise, countless flows have been tested to achieve the most trouble-free flow.

Not just functional, but also fun

Apart from the app being naturally logic and functional, there are also numerous elements that make using the app even more fun: opening and closing the vehicle with a slide to unlock key, coupons and various micro-animations.

To be used for different white-labels

The design is created for it to be of easy use for different white-labels. The fundamental design is there, just the color, logo and pinpoints on the map are to be adjusted.

The future

The Netherlands has a total of eight million cars driving around, meaning that for every car to be shared they still have a long way to go. I am proud to say that I was able to contribute to changing this by designing the app. Various functionalities are currently being rolled out and a new dashboard for the community and fleet managers is being designed.

“Thanks to Rick his user-friendly design, we changed from a simple start-up to a serious player in the shared mobility market. Our calls to the 24/7 help desk have now decreased by 30%.”

Dave Reid

Product manager at MobyOne


Development: Weave

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