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Pace Onboarding is an intuitive app designed to quickly and effectively introduce employees to the ins and outs of an organization. It helps turning new hires their enthusiasm into sustainable success. I was part of the team as designer working with multiple developers and HR specialists.


Creative direction
UI/UX design

Settling in more efficiently

How do I arrange my vacation? When do we have lunch? Where is the coffee? It all seems so obvious, but for a new hire it is all unknown. Let us make it easier. On the ‘FAQ’ page the employee can find all the answers to commonly asked questions. Through the ‘Academy’ we made it possible to gain knowledge in a fun, interactive way. And by watching small videos it is possible to transfer knowledge in a direct, appealing way. Ultimately, the company can ask questions to test the knowledge of their employee.

Reduce redundant paperwork

We live in a digital world. Why send papers back and forth when we have the internet? In Pace Onboarding it is possible to digitally sign documents fast, GDPR-proof, easy to check and easy to find. In addition, it is possible to share documents and files with the team through a secure, digital environment. With Pace Onboarding everything is within reach in one setting, for all employees.

Engagement pays off

Reward employees by using gamification. Earn credits for completing tasks and achieving goals, which can be spent in the merchandise store. Loading a brand with merchandise makes community building a whole lot easier.

21% faster at production level

Figures speak volumes. Pace Onboarding has proven itself with promising figures and well-known brand customers such as Total Gas & Power in the Netherlands. Pace Onboarding has already helped around 1500 employees with their onboarding, resulting in an average retention gain of 35% in the first 100 days. In addition, new hires were 21% faster at the expected product level than they would be in the usual onboarding process.

“Over the years that I have been working with Rick, I got to know him as a hardworking professional with an eye for detail. He not only aims for 'the pretty picture', but also thinks along with usability. In addition, he knows how to immerse himself in complex business processes effortlessly. In his characteristic designs there is never an element that should not be in it. Every interface, no matter the extensiveness of the functionality behind it, breathes peace and simplicity. He has become an essential factor for Pace Lab, helping to give our software and our company a face.”

Kasimir den Hertog

Co-founder at Pace Lab


Development: Kasimir den Hertog, Thom Wensink, Dennis Smit, Sherwin Lemmen

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