The modern alternative to the mobility scooter

Scoozy is an alternative for the usual mobility scooter. Scoozy is sleek, safe and fun. Current mobility scooters are unsafe and have a somewhat stigmatizing effect. Thanks to its modern design, 4-wheel drive and many other features, Scoozy distinguishes themselves from other brands. I did not hesitate to accept the opportunity to work on this project. I really get a kick out of working for such innovating startups.


UI/UX design

The attention Scoozy deserves

One of the reasons to choose Scoozy is for the unique design. The first thing to notice in the design of a Scoozy is the lack of the steering column. The vision behind this design is “wanting nothing to be between the user and the world.” To give this unique design the attention it deserves, I let the design of the website and corporate identity be based on images of Scoozy.

Offline and online

To promote Scoozy offline, printed products had to be designed such as banners, flyers and brochures for different sales points. All these expressions eventually had to lead to the website where the prospective Scoozy user could find more information. I have continued the line to give images of Scoozy a prominent place offline as well.

Updates, updates, updates

In order to stay close to the potential users of Scoozy, I created a blog environment with an overview of all updates on the website.

“I recommend working with Rick. He is clear and punctual in the mutual agreements. He looks into the context of the project and provides useful advice. The delivered designs fit well with the principles of Scoozy.”

Rosalie Lemmen

Marketing manager at Scoozy

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