Audio description
for online video

Scribit is a platform for people with visual disability so that they can watch YouTube videos with audio description. A voice describes everything that is happening in the video when there is no talking. First, the videos were only available on the website of Scribit and not yet through an app. It was up to me to design this app.


UI/UX design

From web to app

When building the app, a large part of the brand identity and web version of Scribit was already designed by another agency. The only thing that was missing was an app. While designing the app, I noticed that I had to think more consciously about where I was going to place certain elements, such as the navigation. This, because people with visual disabilities use their smartphones differently. One way they will use the app is with VoiceOver. The information on the screen is given by voice, so that the app can be operated completely blind. An interesting observation to take into account for my future projects.

Favorites first

In the onboarding of the app, the user is asked to select five favorite categories. A personalized overview of videos will be compiled based on these categories. In the video overview, the user can easily navigate through all other categories at the top.


Branding and web design: Slem
Development: Weave

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