Making leaps with technology

According to the Dutch Financiële Dagblad, Weave is the fastest growing software development agency in The Netherlands. They bite into technically complex questions and are only satisfied with exactly the right software solution. Weave is a new generation of software developers that proves that with a rebellious spirit, you can actually make a difference. With the rapid growth of the company, there was a demand for a new website. It was up to me to design it.


Creative direction
UI/UX design
Motion design

Get to know

Not too much fuss, but only what it comes down to. That is what Weave wanted on their website. Clear, I will do that. In addition to top-notch copy, the website also required a design that makes an impact with the little amount of content it has. Through trilogy-like copy and a powerful animation you get to know Weave within one scroll.

The Rotterdam mentality

Weave bases their motto: “Doen. Doorpakken, Sprinten” (Do. Continue. Sprint.) on the well-known Rotterdam saying “Niet lullen maar poetsen” (To not just talk about something, but to do it). This powerful statement deserved a prominent place on the website.

Hard work pays off

There was a hard deadline for the website. By linking quickly, scheduling feedback moments and working closely with the various disciplines, we were able to create a website in a short time. One that makes Weave stand out for their different target groups: clients and potential employees.


Development: Thom Wensink
Photography: Antim Photography
Copy: Sander van Muijen

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