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Insights in clients’ experiences for health care providers and municipalities
Ervaringwijzer is a web application developed to be able to carry out interactive, accessible, and short-cycle client experience research. Ervaringwijzer collects client experience, which is anonymously visible to either the organization or municipality. Submitting an inquiry can be done by mail, SMS or a physical service tablet at the location. Commissioned by Weave, I was responsible for the UI & UX design.

Accessibility for all clients

One of the main musts is that Ervaringwijzer should be easy to use for all, including those with disabilities. Fulfilling this wish not only required a low-threshold and intuitive design, but also the ability to enlarge the content and read aloud the questions.

Returning pattern

Ervaringwijzer contains four different question types: emoji questions, open questions, closed questions, and multiple choice questions. The design is as accessible and intuitive as possible, by having created a pattern within the app. This pattern is as follows: questions are located at the top, with an input field below. The user moves on to the next question by submitting their input.

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