Gemeente Eindhoven
Landing page for app overview of digital services for citizens
MijnApp is an app developed by the Dutch government to make digital services easier, safer, and more transparent. Whether it regards insurances, permits, passports, or supplements: with MijnApp you can arrange everything online. Through the online app, it is possible to find information, share data, and make requests. On behalf of Weave, I was responsible for the design of the landing page for this app. The landing page must inform two target groups: the Dutch citizens and the service provider.

The citizens

The Dutch citizens are informed about the uses through a look of the app where different functions are explained. With the main goal being, citizens downloading the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Service providers

The additional target group is the service provider. For this target group, the benefits of the system, and its insights are displayed in the app. The main goal being, service providers connecting with MijnApp. It is rather easy to shift between the two target groups by switching the website its toggle button located in the upper right corner.

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