People Marketing
Mobile first recruitment website for field marketing agency
People Marketing is the most rapidly growing field marketing agency in the Netherlands. The organization is located in the largest university cities and works with well-known organizations such as War Child, SOS Kinderdorpen, Oxfam Novib, and Amnesty International. The organization its fresh visual identity, online and offline, has been created by me, with the main goal being: to create enthusiasm and ultimately generate their leads.

A fresh look

Black in combination with magenta, chunks of text and inconsistencies; the initial situation of this project. Their wishes? For the number of visuals to exceed the amount of text and a refreshing and pleasant appearance that fits their target group: students aging from eighteen to twenty-two. By adding a third color, turquoise, to the color palette, I created endless styling possibilities. By drawing up clear rules for the use of fonts, colors, images, and other style elements, I ensured that a consistent work method in the area of branding was present.

Mobile first

Eighty percent of the users viewed the initial website on their mobile phone. This percentage should not be shocking as the target group is using their phone for over three hours a day. Therefore, it makes sense to redesign the mobile website first. By prominently returning the ‘Apply Now’ button on the page, I ensured that the user ends up in the application funnel rather quickly.

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