Insights into the location of your bike at all times and places
Tracefy develops GPS trackers for the aftermarket as extra protection against theft. The GPS solution is suitable for new and existing e-bikes and can be installed by a bicycle shop. In addition to the GPS functionality, does the user gain insights into driven distances, minutes, and calories burned. Commissioned by Weave, I was responsible for the UI & UX design.

Following your e-bike

The main purpose of Tracefy is to track your e-bike. The user can locate the e-bike through the map in the app.


In addition to being able to track your e-bike its location, it is also possible to find the driven distances and times in the app.


Want to know the average of all these statistics? Through the statistics page you gain insights into the distances driven, minutes, and burned calories. This is shown on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. On the ‘Mijn Cortina fiets’ page you are able to find the total results.

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