Rick Karens here, a designer located in The Hague, The Netherlands. My ultimate goal is to make an impact with my designs. Whether it is selling, explaining or simply making something more beautiful. To put a smile on people their faces or to dig deeper into emotion. Either way, I want to take people on a digital journey. Every part of this journey, no matter the extensiveness of the underlying functionality, breathes peace and simplicity.

With the digital journeys I create, I pay attention to every single detail. This and my need for detail taught me to immerse myself in complex business processes, allowing me to visualize how a certain process works. With my experience of working for different agencies and as freelancer I created a workflow that works for teamwork and managing others. I strive to learn from myself and others at all times, because to me, this is growth. When we work together, a deal is a deal, no excuses.

In my spare time I find calmness and I manage to stay in the present through photography. This calmness is what I strive to find in that what I capture.

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I enjoyed working for

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