New identity for the growth agency

Dapper is a growth marketing agency based in Rotterdam. They are growing into one of Europe's leading growth agencies. Their mission is to maximize growth for brands that make an impact using the latest tools and technology, unparalleled creativity, and the best talent out there.

When they decided to rebrand their company, I was asked to assist in expanding their visual identity and in the final creation of the website.


Creative direction


Motion design

Creative development

A scalable visual identity

Dapper approached me with a few elements: a logo, font, and colors. A solid foundation, but not yet very applicable to other expressions. My task was to expand the brand's visual identity and summarize it into a style guide. Additionally, I was responsible for designing and developing the website using the elements from the style guide.

A versatile visual identity

The style guide includes a few ingredients that can be used to format Dapper's expressions. This style guide ensures that the visual identity can be applied to various mediums, from sharing knowledge on social media to videos and street advertising.

Attracting potential clients and talent

Once the style guide was established, I designed a website focusing on growth marketing for B2B, eCommerce, and SaaS. In addition to showcasing their services and case studies, the website also serves as a recruitment platform to attract new talent.

"Rick makes beautiful and functional digital products. He's truly a master at his job. What makes him even more unique as a creative is that he's very punctual."

Tycho Luijten

Founder of Dapper